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I have a Hoover Bag less Twin Chamber vacuum that has worked great until recently. I was able to turn the vacuum off, but now the switch doesn't work anymore. I'd like to how to disassemble and repair the switch on the vacuum so I can continue using it.

asked Oct 04 '11 at 04:20

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Hi There,

Thanks for your interest and question on our askgovacuum website. I'd be happy to help you step by step replace the on / off switch for your Hoover Bagless Twin Chamber Windtunnel.

You'll first need to purchase a new switch Part #28161075 Replaces Part #28161067, which you may find on our website through the link below:

Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Upright On / Off Switch

After you have your new switch, here's how to replace it.

Step 1. Turn the machine around so the back of the vacuum where the cord is stored is facing you. Remove the handle assembly from the vacuum by unscrewing the two screws highlighted here:
alt text

Step 2. Once you have removed the screws from the back of the handle, simply slide the handle off by pulling the top part of the handle towards you. This will now expose the On / Off switch, however you'll need to complete a few more steps before you can replace it. Here's what the vacuum should look like after removing the handle:
Hoover Windtunnel On / Off Switch Repair Instructions

Step 3. After you've removed the handle of the vacuum cleaner, turn the machine around so the front of the vacuum cleaner is facing you. Remove the Bagless Dirt Cup from the vacuum, as well as any on-board cleaning attachments that are located above the dirt cup. This model has a hand held turbo brush. After removing the attachments, there are three screws that you'll need to remove, all highlighted in red here:
Hoover WindTunnel on / off switch repair

Step 4. After you have unscrewed these three screws, remove the plastic housing that stores the on-board cleaning attachments by pulling it straight towards you. You now will have access to both sides of the On / Off switch. You'll need to remove two wires from the switch, which is easiest done by using a pair of needle nose pliers, and gently pulling the plastic wire terminals off of the switch. There are several different models and configurations, but most models have one terminal which has a plastic cover, and one which is just a metal terminal. The metal terminal is the one that goes on the bottom of the two prongs of the switch. Here's the two wires you'll need to remove:
Hoover Windtunnel On / Off Switch Repair

Step 5. Once you've removed the wires from the switch assembly, turn the vacuum cleaner back around so the switch, and the back of the vacuum are facing you. Use a flat head screw driver to pry the old switch out of the vacuum cleaner. There are also two clips which you may press in on the back of the switch that help secure it in place. Here's a picture of how this should be done:
Hoover Switch repair
Step 6. After the old switch has been removed, simply snap the new one into the back of the vacuum exactly as the old switch was positioned. It's very important that you put the new switch back into the vacuum correctly, with the On setting on top, and the off setting below, otherwise the vacuum will be reveresed, and when you try turning the vacuum off, it will turn on, and when turning on it will turn off!

I hope this answer was helpful to you, if you'd like me to clarify any steps, or you need additional help, please feel free to use the add comment link to request further help. Thanks again for checking out askgovacuum.com, and we hope to serve you for all of your future vacuuming, cleaning, and allergy needs on GoVacuum.com.



answered Oct 14 '11 at 12:04

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