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How do I replace the belt on my Eureka Altima Turbo 2961AVZ? I have the U belt- Binnie

asked Apr 20 '11 at 04:29

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edited Jul 20 '12 at 10:50

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Hi Binnie,

Here's a detailed tutorial on how you should replace the belt on your Eureka Altima bagless upright model 2961AVZ.

  1. First, you'll need to purchase a new belt. The correct belt for your vacuum is the Eureka Extended Life Style U, Part Number 61120. Here's a link to that belt on our website, which is a set of two belts;

    Set of two belts for Eureka

  2. Now the easiest way to access the belt, is to recline the handle down as if you were vacuuming the floors, just like shown here:

  3. Once you have the vacuum in laying flat on the floor, there are two screws on the top of the agitator housing that need to be removed (Phillips Head Screw). The screws are located here;

  4. After these screws have been removed, lift and remove the agitator brush housing cover, as shown here:

  5. Now you will have access to both the roller brush and belt. Sometimes the belt may not even have broken, just stretched out to the point that the roller brush no longer spins. We recommend replacing the belt on this vacuum at least twice every year, whether it breaks or not, as once the belt is stretched out, the vacuum will no longer perform as well as it does with a new belt installed. If you simply grab the roller brush, and lift upwards, the roller brush can be taken out of the vacuum. Remove the old belt now as well. As you see in the figure below, there’s a little silver pin, also referred to as the motor shaft. Wrap the new belt around this metal pin as shown below:

  6. Loop the belt around the roller brush after looping it on the motor shaft. Make sure that you loop the belt around the side of the brush roll that has the belt pulley. After the belt has been looped around the motor shaft, and the roller brush, insert the left side of the roller brush (opposite side from the belt and pulley) into the roller brush housing. Make sure that the end cap, which has a square knob is properly seated into the machine properly as shown below:

  7. Once you have the left side inserted, you’ll need to exert some force, and pull the brush roller with the belt looped around it, and stretch it into the vacuum. Make sure that the knob on the end bearing cap is properly fitted into the groove. This does take some elbow grease to accomplish, and you may see that the old belt is substantially larger then your new one, but this is indeed the right belt. The belt needs to be tight in order for the brushes to spin fast enough, and deep clean your carpeting. Once the roller brush is put back into the vacuum, pull the belt towards you, and make sure the brush spins when you’re pulling the belt, and is looped around the belt pulley properly and not pinched. If the brush doesn’t spin when pulling the belt, this may indicate that your brush roller itself has gone bad, and needs to be replaced. This may be the reason that your belt broke in the first place also. To test this roller brush, remove the brush again, and un-loop the belt from around the brush. Now hold the brush roller by using only your fingertips, and only holding the end caps. Try spinning the brush while holding the roller brush this way. It should spin freely with no resistance. If the brush doesn’t spin, or if you feel any resistance, this usually indicates that your roller brush bearings have gone bad, or there may be an obstruction like hair which may be wrapped around the bearings. You may simply pull both of the bearing end caps off, and inspect the bearings to ensure that no hair, thread, or other obstructions are wrapped around the bearings. You may also spray some WD-40 or other lubricant while the end caps are off, to keep the bearings running smoothly.
    If you see that the end caps have any damage, or are melted to the brush core itself, you’ll need to replace the roller brush assembly. Unfortunately Eureka doesn’t sell the bearing caps separately. Your Eureka Altima 2961AVZ takes the Eureka Roller Brush Assembly Part Number 62365. Here’s a link to the brush roller on our website;

    Brush Roller for Eureka

  8. Once you’ve installed the brush roller back into the vacuum, and tested the brush roller out by pulling the belt a few times, put the cover of the agitator housing back on top, and screw the two screws back in:

Hopefully this was helpful to you, and you were able to successfully replace the belt on your Eureka Altima. If you have any questions, or would like me to clarify any of the steps above, please don’t hesitate to reply to the email, or just give me a call. We stock most all parts for your vacuum, and would be more then happy to serve you for all of your future vacuuming needs. Thanks again for your question, and your interest in AskGoVacuum.
Chris Jones


answered Jun 10 '11 at 06:29

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