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Hi Chris,I saw your belt-replacement video on fixya.com. I had already attempted to replace the power drive belt on my Hoover WindTunnel but I think the problem is not with the belt.The original problem was that the brush would not spin, and the original power drive belt had slack in it.When I replaced the belt, the same issue existed. The belt fit cleanly in the appropriate channels or slots, so I''m not sure why there''s slack. When I pull it tight and then spin it, the brush will turn. However, without pulling the belt, the slack prevents the brush from spinning.Do you have any suggestions?- Lee

asked Mar 25 '11 at 13:07

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Hi Lee,

Thanks for your question. After you have installed the belt, and put the roller brush back into the housing, try releasing the front housing by pushing thehandle release pedal. Pull the agitator housing back as if you were vacuumingthe floors. Does the brush spin after releasing the handle?

If this doesn''t fix the problem. It could be a couple of other things. When the roller brush is out of the machine, you should be able to hold the roller brush with just your index fingers, and spin the brush several revolutions around.If the brush will not spin, your bearings have probably gone bad, and you''ll need to replace the brush roller itself.

There is also a part called the Idler Arm Assembly that can wear out. It is diagrammed on page 3, part # 13 on the diagram of the schematic attached to the email. It is Hoover part # 434241004.

There is a rubber pulley wheel on this part that engages the belt and stops the belt when the vacuum is changed from the floor carpet setting on the front of the machine. This pulley will wear down, and potentially can stop the brush from spinning. You''ll know when it''s word, as the pulley should be roughly .25 inch thick of rubber.

It is pretty straight forward of a vacuum after you''ve worked on it a few times, and all of the major parts that go bad, are very inexpensive, so it''s well worth it to fix these small incidentals then buy a new vacuum.

Let me know if the brushes still won''t spin after trying these things, I''ll scratch my brain a little harder to figure it out. Good Luck!

Chris Jones



answered Mar 25 '11 at 13:08

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